Kenya 5 Night Holiday 5* Hilton £555

By admin, November 6, 2019

Save 50% and fly to Nairobi with the excellent Turkish Airlines, winner of Best European Airline for the last four years and experience their brilliant on-board service, the best airport lounge I have been in, great in-flight entertainment and delicious food. You will be staying in the 5 star Hilton Nairobi for five nights. Ready to explore Kenya from a comfortable, well-heeled base. You may extend your stay to 7 or 14 days with a supplement.

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As the Safari capital of the world, Kenya is the spiritual home to the world-famous Masai Mara tribal nomads, savannah survival experts that are well respected for their amazing ability to track, hunt and outrun big game animals. The Masai Mara is now more commonly found providing tour groups with priceless photo opportunities, tracking animals for tourists viewing pleasure, instead of pure survival.

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Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 9 May, Return Nairobi [NBO] 13 May

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 11 May, Return Nairobi [NBO] 25 May

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 12 May, Return Nairobi [NBO] 19 May

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 15 May, Return Nairobi [NBO] 22 May

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 20 May, Return Nairobi [NBO] 2 June

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 4 June, Return Nairobi [NBO] 13 June

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 8 June, Return Nairobi [NBO] 23 June

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 10 June, Return Nairobi [NBO] 17 June

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 10 June, Return Nairobi [NBO] 25 June

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 15 October, Return Nairobi [NBO] 27 Oct

Depart London Gatwick [LGW] 13 November, Return Nairobi [NBO] 29 Nov

Other flight times and hotels are available for a supplement. See below for details.

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