Holiday Waxing

By admin, November 6, 2019

Everybody likes to look great on holiday and having a freshly waxed body can really make you look stunning.

Here are a few tips for your first waxing session…

1. Let it grow

You need a little hair to allow the wax to work, don’t shave right before your wax and leave it as natural for at least 5 days before your waxing.

2. Come Prepared

It is recommended that tight-fitting clothes, including underwear, is not worn after a wax. You need to allow your skin to breath, so if you are planning on going commando, you may want to wear a long dress or shorts if you’re a dude. Man-made fibers are also a no-no.

3. Plan Well

Waxing can be uncomfortable, but it avoids that itchy after shave feeling when the hairs regrow, its best to get a wax a day or two before you go on holiday.


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