Dublin to Tokyo €500 Return

By admin, November 6, 2019

Fly with Swiss Air to Japan for €498 return, these exceptionally long flights are at a great price at the moment, with a one day stopover in Zurich giving you the opportunity to see the pretty Swiss city, the flight from Dublin to Tokyo Narita can be booked on Expedia or direct with Swiss Air and the stopover is added for free. Similar flights from Emirates and other airlines cost around 800 return with 1 stop.

Japan is unlike any other country on earth, its fiercely insular customs and difficult language have meant that traditions that have been lost in other countries are still strongly practiced in Japan. Being a tourist in Tokyo is like being a kid in a sweet shop, every traveler should experience the crazy Japanese capital and everything Japan has to offer. It is a real eye-opener and it may well change your life.

As a rich Asian country you won’t find 5-star hotels for €50, but the rich heritage that Japan offers more than makes up for the extra money compared to a box room in the costa del sol. Find your hotel deal on Expedia or eBookers. The famous Capsule and Sauna Hotel with its tiny bed pods is available on a budget-friendly €35 a night, it’s not luxury, but it is a unique experience and a surprising 4-star property. 5 Star hotels, such as the New Otani and Hotel Nikko start at €150 a night and as Japanese standards are exceptionally high, they do fulfill their guest’s lofty expectations.

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If you like to be organized and avoid being ripped off at the airport you can buy your Foreign Money Commission Free online, the Japanese Yen is weak at the moment so the exchange rate is very good. Cheap trip cover from Flexicover automatically includes over 120 sports and activities. If you need quality luggage, Samsonite bags can be purchased online from the official store.

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